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July 22, 2008

7, 7, 5, 4, 16

The title reflects the new exercise I am embarking on. In this case, it is a challenge that in 6 weeks, you can train to do 100 pushups. I ran across a link to the website in a LifeHacker post the other day, and it intrigued me, so I figure I will give it a shot. Ironically I told one of my project managers at work about it, and so he's going to do it as well.

There are many reasons I want to do this:

  1. 1. I could use more upper body strength
  2. 2. I have never done 100 pushups at once...hell, I don't think I ever did much more than 20 at once, so this would be a good challenge.
  3. 3. It would help tone up the muscle and get rid of the fat on my chest.
  4. 4. It will help give me the discipline to be able to stick with an exercise program.
  5. 5. The potential to gain muscle from this means I'll look hot (yes I'm vain!).

I did the initial test the other day, and could only do 10 pushups, that's pathetic, I know I can do better. In fact, I did 16 when I was supposed to max out at the end of the workout, but perhaps that's because I was already pumped up from exercising?

So this should be fun as well. I look forward to completing it, and I will be logging my progress here. I will be able to do at least 100 pushups on September 2.

Once I am done with it, I'll move on to ShovelGlove


  1. Reason #6...my boyfriend thinks I'm fat.

  2. Well you did help destroy any desire to buy a Girl Scout Thin Mints Blizzard...bitch :-P