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July 20, 2008

Birthday with CD

A friend I made from the Capital Pride Committee through JH was celebrating her birthday this weekend. I wasn't able to make the Friday night events because they were way out in Clarendon and I did not have my car. However, I did make it out to her birthday dinner Saturday night. It was a night complete with what has to be a gold mine for people watchers and sociologists.

We all met at Amer's Cafe, which is a cafe that serves many Mediterranean dishes along with other favorites. The owners are Egyptian, so they know what they're doing. CD knows the owners quite well so that meant plenty of teasing from them of course. I also got to meet a number of CD's friends, and as it turned out, I was the youngest one at the table, but that was alright. We had fun throughout the night.

The thing about Amer's is that if you're ordering takeout from them, you're a damn fool because there is so much you will miss out on. There was a belly dancer that evening who would come out and dance for folks, including bringing some of the customers up to dance as well. CD and her friend J did dance with the dancer as well. Also, there is a woman there who does Tarot for a small fee. CD had her cards read, some of her friends had their cards read, and I had my cards read as well. I'm not giving details of my reading, but based on what I know about Tarot, this woman knows what she is doing and she doesn't bullshit you.

So anyway, consider Amer's if you're in the northern Baltimore area and dine in!

After that we went to 70's night at the Bayou Cafe. We weren't there for more than about 1/2 an hour not necessarily because the club was dead or anything like that. Their A/c was broken so it was frigging hot in there! However, 70's night is a freaking sociologist's wet dream because it's basically folks who were young in the 70's trying to recapture their youth. Plenty of disco music playing and people doing bad dancing. It was complete with some guys who clearly had bad 70's hair. Seriously, I walked by these two guys and it was like "OMG!" So I pointed them out to CD, she shows her friend B, and he is just doubled over laughing at those guys. I gotta also say that if you're into cougars, there were plenty of them there.

Eventually we couldn't take the heat in there (it was probably close to 90 inside) so we took off and went to her friend J's house (which has an A/c thank god!) where I got to meet their dogs, who are so very friendly. I think they could tell I was a dog person so they kept coming to me for attention. Around 1:00 CD, her friend B, and I all decided it was time to take off since we had about an hour ride ahead of us. I got home, showered to get all that sweat from the club off, and then headed to bed.

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