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July 24, 2008

Getting Back On Track

JH came over for dinner last night. I cooked up some spaghetti carbonara, steamed veggies, and chocolate zucchini cake for dessert. He was rather impressed that I basically made the dinner in only an hour. I admit it didn't hurt that the night before I measured and combined all of the dry ingredients for the cake together and pre-cooked the bacon for the pasta. It meant less time and mess when I was under a time crunch.

Dinner was good, and so were the after-dinner activities, especially when he saw what I was wearing underneath my clothing ;-)

Afterwards I ran to the store for ice cream, while the weather outside proceeded to just open up and pour down. I'm glad I had my umbrella and only had a short walk to the apartment, but within the 7 minutes I was in the store, the parking lot was basically a river. I also stayed in said parking lot to walk since there were no tall trees nearby for lightning to strike. This rain was also horizontal rain, so I was getting wet even with the umbrella over my head. Got in and the first thing JH said to me was "Wow, the things you do for love" since apparently the back of my shirt was soaked.

We had dessert and watched a few episodes of the Simpsons before going to bed...except that it didn't last too long. The bracket that holds the main support of my bed up decided it wanted to detach from the headboard, so suddenly we were sleeping on a slant. I can fix it, I just need to get a new bracket (the old one bent) and also get a 2x4 to put in front of where the bracket would normally sit. It should provide some extra support, and since the center support is adjustable, I can slide it in to accommodate the new bracket position.

Thank god I still have a fold-out couch until I make the repair. JH threw out the idea of eventually getting a new bed, especially if this one can't be fixed. However, I can fix it now and keep an eye on sales later. Plus then I don't have to Craigslist a broken bed, just one with a mod for better support ;-)

Anyway, so JH and I have hammered out the things that were bothering us, and now we're moving forward together again. Really the problem was a lack of communication in some areas, which doesn't that seem to strike most couples anyway? We opened up the lines to talk to one another, and I hope we'll continue to keep them open.

BTW, in a spur of the moment (and the realization that summer is nearly over, eek!) we have made plans for a trip to Cedar Point in late August. Anyone interested in coming? Flights are cheap now...

What else can I say, other than I love JH and I'm glad we're back together and on track as well. His father may not look at me the same way again, but I'll let JH tell that story since it's worthy of a quote of the week. ;-)

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