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July 31, 2008

Spank the Yanks

Sunday JH and I traveled to Harrisburg and stayed overnight, so it would save us some time for our trip this past Monday.

We met up with his friend DP and first went to Dorney Park. I picked up my 81st coaster credit by riding Voodoo since it was running this time. It was a fun ride and since the lines were so short, we ended up riding it 3 times. If you can, go for the front.

We rode Laser, Thunderhawk, Hydra, and Talon as well, had some lunch, and then it was off to NYC to Yankee Stadium.

We got to NYC, found parking, and I got in touch with my friend KS, who would be joining us to watch the O's play against the Yankees. While she was on her way, we wandered around the outside of the stadium in our Orioles shirts. Earlier in the week JH had suggested we not wear our shirts, but then he talked with folks and heard that unless we got obnoxious, the fans wouldn't mess with us.

We grabbed dinner at a local restaurant, the food was meh, the service sucked, but whatever, it wasn't the reason why we were in NYC.

We went back to the stadium and got in, where we had to show security our cell phones for some reason. Does anyone have any clue why they would check our cell phones? Still, I couldn't believe we were actually at Yankee Stadium before it vanishes. It was showing its age, but it was still exciting to be there. We also had good seats to watch the game. I couldn't believe what they wanted for a beer there, 8.50 for a can of beer. We didn't buy any while there, we stuck with Coke instead.

So the game would go extremely well for the O's that night, they spanked the Yanks 13-4. It was an exciting game to watch and for the most part the fans left us alone. There was the moron who gave us a thumbs down to our shirts, but that douchebag wasn't even wearing any Yankees gear. One guy did joke that I wasn't going to see George Sherrill (I was wearing his shirt) play that night, and I told him "I'm not complaining." because if Sherrill comes in to pitch, it means that the O's are leading by 3 runs or less.

After the game was over, there were the folks who kept bleating out "Well we have 27 championships!" I think it must be something you have to yell on command in order to be a Yankee's fan.

It was then time for the long drive home to Harrisburg to drop off DP, and then further to Baltimore. We didn't get back until 4:30 in the morning, and thankfully I had slept on and off in the car.

The trip, totally worth it. I'm glad we got to see the stadium before they turn it into a parking garage next year. Now there's plans to hit Shea Stadium before that vanishes as well.

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