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July 31, 2008

The Luau

One summertime tradition I have is that when my friends DB and RB throw their annual Luau, I will be there, come hell or high water. It means a night of meeting new people, catching up with other folks I haven't seen in a while, and of course, partying! This year was no exception.

I actually was at the house early to help with setup for the party. Myself, DB, and JX did some cleaning up and organizing. RB came home and so we made the run to get ice for the coolers. I would spend the rest of the afternoon running around helping them out, and keeping the dog out of the way, except for when I had to hit the local Safeway for some cream.

The trip to Safeway got rather interesting because at checkout I got stuck in line behind a person who had a gift card, and her purchases went over the amount, so she was there figuring out what she could put back. At one point the cashier suggested that she ditch the 6 pack of Pepsi bottles and just get a 2 liter instead. So she goes over to a display of sodas that are not on sale, and the cashier is trying to tell her where to go, and she just isn't getting it, so he just throws up his hands, and runs over to the place and gets it for her. What killed me was to watch her put back food that she could have benefited from keeping, such as bananas, but kept the junk food. To make it better, after I checked out and was walking out the door, she comes walking back in and is asking where the toilet paper is. I hustled it out of there, and so did the cashier since it was his lunch break and he was ready to just run.

So the party gets started and people show up and so I get to meet folks I haven't seen in forever, plus new folks of course. CX shows up, and it's her birthday, and so I loaned her a paddle for spanking people with, along with her getting her spanks. LM shows up as well, she is totally my fag hag, and she refers to me as her gay boyfriend, which is funny to hear, especially because another guy, JS, is vying for that title. Too bad that I'm the one who actually makes time to go to lunch with her, especially when she is on-site at my workplace.

I had also brought over my Wii stuff and for a while I was playing Mario Kart online against DB's brother, who lives in CA. The first round of races we tied for points, the second time I ended up losing. Those of us in MD also got to experience why it is never a good idea to reason with a 6 year old. There was a girl there who got into playing, and it wasn't always easy to get her to share and take turns. Ah well, we made it work. So there was Wii playing going on all night as well.

JH eventually arrived at the party as well, so he got to experience the luau. It included him telling one of the guests she had a pretty skirt, and could he borrow it. She immediately handed it over, and I have a picture of him wearing said skirt. To top it off, her BF came up the stairs and said "I leave you alone for five minutes and you're already taking your clothes off!" I about died laughing.

I discovered that Barenjaeger liqueur and Lingonberry Juice (from Ikea) mix very well. I had a few good drinks of that. There was plenty of the usual craziness going on as well. I swear there just needs to be video cameras and a bank of screens so that people can see what's going on everywhere, because as much as myself and others would like to be in every room to see and hear what's going on, we can't.

A little after 11 JH indicated he was ready to bounce, but I wasn't ready to go, and in a way it was good I didn't leave right then. I ended up listening to someone who just needed to vent about some stuff that was going on with him. I get the feeling he will be doing a lot more venting in the next few weeks.

Around 12:30 I finally bounced out of there. Normally I would crash at the place, but this year I ended up controlling how much I had taken in for a number of reasons. Either way, I still had a blast; it is always worth going to the luau. If it's held again next year, you know I'll be there.

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