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July 16, 2008

Yes I'm Still Alive

Wow, just over two weeks without posting, that is totally not like me right now. Especially when it is an unintentional vacation.

So what have I been up to since posting about going to Hershey Park?

  • I went to Kings Dominion with JH, CD, and V on the 4th of July. The park was fun, we got to ride their new coaster, Dominator (JH had ridden it when it was over at Geauga Lake). We cooled off in the water park, yes it was crowded, but worth the trip.
  • Saw the fireworks on the National Mall on the 4th, I have video saved to my phone that I need to review, and possibly post to YouTube.
  • Went to Philadelphia with JH, DP, and BD and wandered around there for a bit. The next day we went to Six Flags Great Adventure where I finally rode Kingda Ka. Now I can say that I have ridden the worlds tallest and fastest roller coaster (456 feet at 128 mph). They have got to make that ride longer though, 28 seconds is not enough!
  • Started rehearsals for Children of Eden, I'll be playing Cain in Act I and Japheth in Act II. I'll provide more details later.
  • Attended the wedding of my friends CJ and George two Saturdays ago. The wedding was great and the reception was well done. I got to chat with a few folks that I haven't seen in a while, and I hope to see again soon.
  • Attended a party after the wedding of my friend Chandra, where I saw a few of my Baltimore friends, the night wasn't complete without making someone from my past paranoid, which I admit I had fun with. Karma is a bitch my friend, and you brought it on yourself.
  • Saw Mr GreenGenes this past Friday at Power Plant Live in Baltimore. The show was awesome of course.
  • Went to the Eastern Shore with JH and had fresh steamed crab last Saturday. One of the many advantages of living near a bay.
  • I haven't even mentioned work yet, but it's going fine, I have a project that's going to be released for production next month. Next up is a revision to the survey from hell, which will take up my time from now until April 2009.
  • After all of my recent coaster trips, I have now ridden 80 rollercoasters in the world. That still puts me 70 behind JH, which I will probably never catch up to since he has a bunch of credits on coasters that don't exist now :-P
So that's the summary of all that has happened so far. Clearly this is what happens when you have a BF who is not a stay at home guy, you don't get much time in front of the computer ;-)

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