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August 19, 2008

I Can Do This

I am on the fourth week of the 100 Pushups program and this would normally be the point where I would give up on the exercise for whatever reason. Either I'd be bored, or other stuff would get in the way and I'd lose progress, but I'd be too lazy to start up again. Things would fall by the wayside, and then I'd be kicking myself a few months down the road for not sticking with it.

I am not going to let that happen this time.

Clearly fate is trying to tempt me though. Since it is hell week with rehearsals, it means that I am going straight from work to rehearsal and not getting out until late. The perfect example is this evening. I did not leave the church until 11:30 PM, so it was a long night. However, the first thing I said to myself was "Go home and do your pushups." I did them as soon as I got home.

In the past I might have tried to let it slide because it was "too late." I am not going to fall victim to the usual trap, I am going to complete this program and I am going to successfully complete it.

It doesn't hurt that I am seeing results from it. I noticed today my biceps are more toned, they're back to where they were when I was lifting weights for a summer in college. This is good because now they will get even better. I already mentioned that I notice a difference in my chest, and I know that will get better as well.

When I complete 100 pushups, I will be moving onward to other bodybuilding exercises I can do at home. Either I will reach the point that I can do a lot of exercises at home and don't really need a gym (or expensive equipment) or I will get the discipline that I can switch over to going to a gym and getting my full money's worth. We'll see what happens.

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