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August 27, 2008

Performing Children of Eden

This past weekend was the actual performance of Children of Eden and I have to say it went extremely well. All of us in the cast came together and we did our parts very well, complete with a few surprises along the way. We played to a large number of people each night, and everyone enjoyed the show. If you didn't see it this past weekend, you missed out.

Friday night was the premiere, and most of us were nervous about how it would go, but it went better than expected. Once the music started up, we were on fire from then on. The songs were right there where they needed to be and there were no major hiccups. The only mishap that occurred was we bumped over a few lanterns in the opening number, but there was no danger.

The highlight for me that night was that one of the other actors nailed some dialogue that we had been working on getting, but I was prepared to help prompt him with. He even got a line that we had never gotten while in rehearsal, it was pretty badass. So my scenes went well in Act I and II, and so did everyone else's. It was clear that our directors made excellent choices in casting, especially for the one who was playing God (AKA Father). She (yes, it was a woman) had the perfect stage presence and vocals to be very dynamic and the kind of person that made you stop and pay attention to her. It was hard not to look at her when she was speaking, even though at times you were supposed to be unable to see her.

The actress I worked with as Yonah, the girl I want to marry but can't in the second act (she's of the race of Cain) was freaking awesome as Yonah, and our voices went very well together on our duets. I can't wait to actually hear it again. We joke that we want to just go to the mall and start randomly singing "In Whatever Time We Have" again and again in public just to see how people react.

So anyway, Friday night went very well. I went home and my throat started to bother me, so I humidified the place and put on some vapo-rub to try to help. I woke up Saturday morning to a sore throat, chest congestion, and post nasal drip. That's not something I needed right then, and so I went over to the local walk-in clinic to see what the issue was, especially because taking robitussin had not helped get rid of any crap in my chest. They looked and said that my sinuses looked like they were having an allergic reaction, and that I had a touch of bronchitis, but my lungs were clear. So I was given a 'script for some pain meds and a nasal steroid to help with the post nasal drip, and advised to pick up some dimetapp to help. I got the stuff, got home, took the dimetapp, and proceeded to crash for most of the afternoon until close to call time.

Saturday night went over even better than Friday, more people were there and again they all loved it. Nothing major to report other than the show going well and I didn't have any vocal problems that night.

Sunday afternoon however, I was a bit worse than I had been on Saturday. So I was being very careful to preserve what I could of my voice because I needed everything I could get during that show. Unfortunately I ended up cracking during one of my ending notes, but I kept going through it as if nothing was wrong. Believe me when I made a beeline for the cough drops to fix that one up before act II. "Yonah" was also suffering from a bit of vocal strain, so that made us nervous for our duet. However, we pulled it off just as well as we had the two previous nights.

Afterward was the big reception for the actors and audience members, and everyone kept on complimenting the cast and how well they did. I don't think anyone was dissatisfied with the show, which is great for us.

Compared to Godspell, this was a longer show, and even though I had a shorter role timewise, it was definitely more complicated musically. However, it stretched my skills back to where they were in college, and maybe even beyond. I am so glad for the opportunity I got to do this show, and that I got to work with all of these people. I also have to thank everyone who came out to watch the show, we always appreciate your support, and I hope you'll come back to see the next one.

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  1. Glad to hear you made it through the run despite the post nasal drip.