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September 05, 2008

Been There, Done That

So we're under a Tropical Storm watch, and they're advising us to make sure we're stocked up on emergency supplies and such.

This isn't unfamiliar to me as I've been through a disaster before, namely a forest fire (how many MD folks can claim they've dealt with that?) so I know about being ready anyway. Looking around I have plenty of non-perishable food for a few days, a camp stove that I can use for cooking, and I sit high enough off the ground that a flood would have to be about 8+ feet high in order to flood my apartment. Even if some of the basement were to be flooded, the stuff in storage would have some protection as a lot of it is in plastic boxes. Worst case scenarios happen...I have insurance.

The only things I'm lacking, a couple of gallons of water, and I need to gas up my car. I can do that easily tomorrow morning before I go to Metro. I still plan on having my night out, and if it starts to look bad, I can hop the train home.

Of course, this is assuming the worst that I could lose power for a few days. Supposedly it happened when Isabel came through, but I wasn't here for that. I'm not expecting a major problem, but I'll be ready for anything.

The ironies of this situation...my brother lives in Florida and has yet to deal with a tropical storm or hurricane, and I could get hit with one first. Also, if for some reason this affects peoples ability to come into work and they decide to shut down the government agencies on Monday, I'm already off due to my 9-80 schedule. Oh well.

Stay tuned and let's see what happens.

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