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September 29, 2008

Liveblogging Ravens vs Steelers

Check this entry for updates as I make them. I'll refresh every 10 minutes.

8:44 - 4 seconds into the game and already a player is hurt.

8:55 - First penalty on Baltimore, HAH! Scott just stopped a play, almost an interception, sucks to be under pressure for once, doesn't it worthlessburger?!

8:56 - Squealers don't know when to shut up, dammit,at least no loss on penalties

8:59 - Come on Ravens, don't give them any holes, nice negative yardage just now.

9:00 - Shit, Steelers are on the red zone border, keep em out Ravens!

9:01 - FIRST SACK of the night, thank you number 35! Sucks to be you squealers, oh what's that, you had to kick a field goal? HAH it's not a touchdown, you may be on the board, but we are coming back.

9:05 - Only 15 yards? Come on, we can do better than that!!

9:09 - Fuck, we do not need to be sacked, at least we stopped them on the punt return, barely any yards gained.

9:12 - INTERCEPTION!!! THANK YOU NGATA!!!! We are on the 52 yard line, great field position for our next drive.

9:15 - Damn, great play by Flacco, until the holding call. Thank you for stepping up Flacco and getting it to Mason.

9:16 - Move those chains! Dammit, don't throw it away. First one this year, but still.

9:19 - Nice throw Flacco!! We're in the red zone, get it down the field. Nice run McGahee.

9:20 - Damn, almost a touchdown, Mason was just over, careful, almost had an interception. Guess were going for a field goal.......ITS GOOD! 3-3 with the first quarter almost over.

9:25 - First quarter over.

9:34 - 2nd quarteris exciting so far, bigger passes and closer calls. Flacco is looking good. Even the steelers fan here is giving him credit.

9:36 - Sweet, practically no return for the Squealers!

9:50 - Fuck it, people to chat with at the bar now, I am abandoning this

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