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September 29, 2008

The Livejournalization of Blogger

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Oh Blogger, I came to you because I was so sick of Livejournal and the near constant drama that would erupt, especially with the whole issue of who was on a "friends" list and who wasn't. You didn't suggest that I create a list of people whose blogs I should follow so I could read them whenever I updated, and then they would know I was a "friend" of theirs.

However, you must have hired someone from Livejournal, which should be no surprise because those bitches would jump at the chance to work for Google, and now we have a new widget for our blogs called "Following." A way to keep a friends list so you can follow blogs, but then they can advertise that you can follow them.

Thank God this is an optional thing. I would have to consider dumping you and heading to another blogging service if I was required to use it. The way I see it, if people are going to read what I have to write, they can come over here and read it, or they can use an RSS reader to keep up for themselves. None of this bullshit of that if they read it they must be my "friend" and so I must be a "friend" back to them and if they stop reading and stop being my "friend" then I must tell them to go fuck themselves in an entry that they wont be able to see anymore because they are not my "friend."

Can you tell yet that I really don't like this? I just hope it continues to stay optional. I will not install this widget anytime soon.

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