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September 08, 2008

Rise and Conquer

I have to say that I absolutely loved yesterday's Ravens vs Bengals game, if only because a number of pundits had to eat crow.

As of Friday, 3 of 4 Post writers had predicted in the express than the Bengals were going to win, Deadspin had a not so good writeup of the Ravens' prospects this year, which led to speculation on the game that was not good, and a number of people in the pool were taking the Bengals to win.

When it came to game time, everyone was nervous because it was the new rookie QB, Joe Flacco who was starting, since Kyle Boller was out with a (now season ending) busted shoulder and Troy Smith was recovering from a bad tonsil infection. However, I had a bit faith in Joe, he had done a pretty good job in the final pre-season game against the Falcons, with what little time he got to play since he was in for only 1.5 quarters.

Joe stepped up to the plate, and it helped that he had a good offensive line. The only player that seemed to have some issues was Todd Heap as he missed catching some really easy throws. Anyway, so Flacco was good with his decision making and his short passes. He really didn't try for any long passes, and that was fine. The big difference between him and Boller was that he not only took more risks, but he actually looked around the field more for open receivers. I just hope he can keep it up this season.

If you didn't hear already, we won, 17 to 10. It was definitely a great game to watch, and I can't wait for next weeks game against the Texans.

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