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October 09, 2008

I Called It

So once againt the market has gone down, just like I was thinking this morning.  However, I heard something rather interesting on WTOP as I was going home.  The ban on short-selling of financial stocks was lifted today so besides the fact that GM is in the toilet with sales, there were probably folks short-selling stocks, which would help drag down the market even further.

How low can ya go?  Thank god I can't see my TSP right now,  I know based on share prices its going to be down 20% from a month ago.  I have contributed quite a bit already, so this is not a small chunk of change.  At least right now I will get to buy more shares for my money the next time I get paid.

Still, I wonder how much longer this is going to go on.  Then again, I saw a chart the other day of Dow closings over the last 100 years, we really didnt get up above even 5,000 until the mid to late 90's, so while it would suck, I wouldn't be surprised if we approach levels close to that.

We shall see...

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