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October 05, 2008


Yesterday my friends Amy and Eileen had their "Blessing of our Union" ceremony at church. I was there as one of the invited guests and also as a leader of the music. I was one of a number of people who was in the audience helping out with the music by being a stronger voice.

The ceremony was beautiful and simple, it followed the format of an Episcopal wedding, with a few personal touches, such as one of our congregants reading a poem written by Eileen. The music that was picked was very fitting for the ceremony as well.

After the ceremony there was a tea reception, followed by a cookout at a nearby lake. I ended up late to the cookout due to a flat tire on the way home. I was running an errand to pick up packages for myself when suddenly I felt something odd and heard my tire start to buzz. I pulled into a parking lot and couldn't figure out why I was flat because there were no obvious holes or debris in the tire. After I pumped the tire up a bit and took the pump off to check the pressure, the problem became obvious. The valve stem on my tire had cracked, so it wasn't going to hold air. I threw the spare on (after pumping it up) and since I was a mile away from a tire place, I took the tire in. They had it fixed in 5 minutes, so I got the tire back on, got back home, then headed to the cookout.

Luckily people were still arriving so I wasn't terribly late. My gougeres were a hit, and now that I am mastering making them and know the proportions of cheese, I'll be posting the recipe.

There was a great spread at the cookout, including curried beef and rice, hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, meatballs, adobo chicken, and desserts of course. It was all good, and so was the conversation. We partied until dark before finally heading home.

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