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November 18, 2008

Birthday Activities

Except for talking about recent news issues, I have been pretty silent about what I have been up to lately.

My actual birthday was spent at Guys Night Out, put on by the Washington Wizards.  I got a $102 seat, a free drink, and a picture with some of the Wizard Girls for only $55, what a deal!  The arena was crowded with fans watching the game, and I was in a pretty good seat, lower level towards the corner, could see a decent view of the court.  I have to admit that the arena looks way different for a Wizards game vs watching a Capitals game.  I got to see the different seating configurations that they have.

The game itself was fun to watch, and the Wizards ultimately ended up winning against the Jazz, 95-87, their first win of the year.  I think I might go hit another Guys Night Out later this year, besides watching and cheering on Phoenix when they come to visit.

I set up a dinner for Saturday night and was joined by Brian and James at Momiji Japanese Bar and Grill in Chinatown.  It was a new place that I had run across an ad for in the city paper, and the menu looked good with reasonable prices, so I decided to try it out.  We got there a little after 6:30 and the place was packed since AC/DC was going to be playing nearby at the Verizon center.  Luckily because I made reservations, we didn't have to wait too long.  We were seated and the hostess brought around some tea as we looked over the menu.  

James had some Miso Soup while Brian and I each had some Gyoza to start.  All of us got different kinds of sushi rolls, one of which would be the subject of many a joke that night.  One of the rolls was called the Happy Santa, and to top it off, it was served on a long oval plate.  All I could say to that it was one very happy Santa.  I had the capital roll and the rainbow roll, both of which were great.  All of us enjoyed our dinner, and we are in agreement that it was a worthwhile place to go.  I will definitely have to go back again.

After Momiji we went over to Cobalt for some drinks.  That place has dramatically changed since I was there about a month ago.  Now there are more couches and a new paint job, the place seems to be trying to look more chic.  At least the drink deals are still the same.  One of the discussions that did come up was that it seems that gay bars really like to pour on the alcohol, to the point where the mixer is just enough to give it some color and make it a not quite straight shot of booze.  It is a matter of whether or not you really desire lots of alcohol or not, because sometimes you don't want to taste the alcohol.  I guess it's all about what you want.

After Cobalt it was Larrys Lounge for a couple of beers, where we ended up staying out way late, I didn't get home until 2 in the morning, it was totally worth it.

Monday I went and had lunch with Dan and Chandra over at The Barking Dog.  I have met up with them for lunch there a few times before, and it's always good.  There was a bit of an issue with our server that day, I hope next time we get Danielle.  Otherwise the conversation was great as usual, it's always good to see them.

I find this is a great way to spend my birthday, meeting up with friends and having a day or night out with them, even if it is not on the actual day.  It's totally worthwhile.

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