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November 23, 2008

Weekend to Get Stuff Done

This seems to be the weekend to be productive, based on my own activities and the activities of some of my friends.

Saturday morning I watched the final season of Drawn Together. That's a pretty funny show, and I will have to pick up the DVDs when they're on sale. Went and met up with a couple at Ikea and picked up a few things for the kitchen as well. Enjoyed some fondue for an early dinner at their house. It makes me want to dig out the fondue pot I have and start trying out some recipes.

Later that evening I met with some folks who originally could not go to see Rocky Horror in Greenbelt and we had a bite to eat before heading to the show. The show was fun as usual, I absolutely loved it, and this time because it was the final night, the actors reacted a bit more to the audience, which made it hilarious. After all was said and done, the actors acknowledged their director and three audience members they used as plants for audience participation. Boy did I learn a lot of good lines from them :-D

For whatever reason after that, I was basically wired the rest of the night and did not fall asleep until about 2:30 in the morning. I woke up at 10:10, so it was a bit too late to go to church, oops. However, one of my friends was having a memorial service for her dog later on so I went to that instead. The service was nice and very sweet. She admitted later that this is one of the first times she got closure like that for a companion animal. I had lunch with her with a few other acquaintances before coming back to watch the football games. The Ravens won, which made me very happy. The 'skins also won, barely.

During the games I was also cleaning up the apartment; not only general cleaning, but extra scrubbing as well. The stove got a major degreasing because I discovered that under the drip pans there was a lot of junk that needed to be vacuumed out and then with a little 409 I got the whole bottom part cleaned out. It isn't easy because the stove top does not lift up like most modern stoves. I also got the house picked up, organized, vacuumed, and then scrubbed down the bathroom. The place is going to look good when the parents arrive in a few weeks.

Now I am sitting back waiting for chicken to finish baking for dinner. After that, who knows. I can't wait for tomorrow night, meeting up for dinner with Fredo and then we're going to see Tina Turner in concert. That should be an awesome show.

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