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December 08, 2008

Frozen Football

As part of the visit from the parental units, I took them to their first live NFL game.

My mom is a Redskins fan (*gag*) so when I heard that the Ravens were going to play against them, I obtained some tickets so she would be able to go.  What I wasn't counting on was the game being shifted back to 8:15 PM and to have a cold snap come through Baltimore.  According to weather.com last night, it was 24F with a wind chill down to 14F.

We started off by first hanging out down around the inner harbor for the day after riding up on the light rail.  I had to drop into the Best Buy for another memory card for the digital camera because I left mine at home (oops!).  Then we walked around various places before heading back to the light rail and then to the stadium.

Got to the stadium just fine, hung out in the Ravenswalk area for a while.  There was a game playing on one of the big screens so we watched that for a while before deciding to head in.  I got stopped at the gate because I had a backpack on, and apparently they're not allowed in the stadium.  So I handed off the blanket to my parents, and went to a bag check that was back over at the Ravenswalk, what a pain in the ass that was.

Got into the stadium and slowly made our way upstairs.  We hung around the lobby area for a while before I headed down at one point to do some shopping.  We wanted some seat cushions since we knew those seats were going to be cold.  The first team store I went to did not have any, but the second one did, which was perfect.

I went back upstairs and we got into our seats before the game started.  From there we would spend the night cheering on our respective teams and wrapping up tight in blankets to keep warm.  Victory was handed to the Ravens that evening with a 24-10 win.  Luckily for the Redskins it wasn't a shutout though it looked like it could happen.  I hope NBC got some good ratings out of that game to make it worth sitting in cold weather in Baltimore!

After the game was over we got back downstairs, I got my bag, we boarded the train and headed back to our station.  I walked Laura to her car before heading to my own car and headed home.

For a first football game, my parents did enjoy themselves.  I seriously hope that four years from now when the Ravens and Redskins play again that it is an afternoon game, preferably in October or November, when it is not so freaking cold.

It was all worth it though, I love going to NFL games when I can.

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