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January 18, 2009

More New Stuff

Friday seemed to be the day to do new things.

Besides attending a Purple Friday rally for the very first time, I also decided to try ice skating. Despite having lived here for three and a half years and being only about a ten minute drive from a rink, I had never actually tried ice skating. Since it was only $4 to go in the middle of the afternoon, including the rental, I figured if I sucked at it or hated it that I wasn't losing much.

I get there, get my skates, and attempt to get around the track, it doesn't work too well because I haven't tightened my laces enough. Go back, pull them tighter, try again. Okay, now I'm getting better, but my feet are being pinched like all hell. A piece of advice, consider getting skates in the next size up. Went back to the counter, got new skates, laced up and got back on the ice. Holy crap, now we're moving. I actually pick up on it easily because I have some experience from doing skating and some rollerblading as a kid. I go around a number of times, only fell once and even then it wasn't a hard fall. To me the ice is much more forgiving with mistakes on the skates than on a concrete rink floor or even out on the street. I had an enjoyable time with it, until my ankles started to hurt from rubbing against the side of the skate. Next time I am wearing two pairs of socks to see if that will help. I must have bruised the bones pretty good because it still hurts to put any direct pressure on them. Oh well, it happens.

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