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January 07, 2009

What The Hell?

I think it's time I lay off the caffeine, I'm totally wired right now.

Went to the Caps game this evening, we won although it came down to a shootout. For the first time I actually heard the fans actively chanting that the other team sucks, but I shouldn't be surprised because we were playing the Philadelphia Flyers, and they're division rivals (too bad we're stomping them in the standings).

The only other thing I did tonight was finally move pictures off of my camera and onto my computer so I can work on them. I uploaded quite a few pictures last night to Flickr, so now I just have to work on these and I will be completely caught up. That's my project for tomorrow night. Once I am done I'll post links to the new pictures.

Have I mentioned that it blows to wake up and go to work in the dark and come home in the dark? It isn't helping that it rained most of the day. Methinks I need to drag myself outside during lunch when it is sunny again, it might help.

Work is going fine, though quiet. I am sure that once most of the folks who have been on vacation the last week or so catch up on all pending work, I'll be hearing from them about things that should be updated in my projects. I did a side project of my own to clean up a help file, including leaving instructions on how to do it the next time so that maintenance will go much faster. I'll also hear around the end of the month if my paper has been selected for inclusion for the next software conference. I hope it is, it could mean the opportunity to go to Europe for a few days this summer *crosses fingers*

Beyond that, it's life as usual here.

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  1. At least I am not the only one still awake