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February 19, 2009


I have a routine of checking my bank accounts every day, and my credit card account about once a week because I like to keep tabs on what is going on.  It was a good thing I did yesterday after the discovery I made.

I pulled up my credit card account and there was a charge on there from SegPayEU along with a fee for an international transaction, which was something I didn't recognize.  I googled the company and discovered they were a credit processor for Europe, similar to Paypal.  They had a customer service number and also a live chat function, so I got on the live chat with them.  I asked the agent about the charge, they asked for my name and E-mail address.  He comes back and asks if this mailing address is correct, and lists my current address.  I say it is so he then informs me that I signed up for an account with some website, this is the charge, and it's set to be autobilled every month.  The URL is unfamiliar to me so I tell him it's a fraudulent charge and I want it to be removed immediately.  He says they will refund the charge within a week and put my information into their "negative" database so no more charges go through them.

I googled the website he named.  It was porn, some fuckhead got a hold of my credit card and address and used it to buy porn.  Motherfucker.

I called my bank and immediately told them it was a fraudulent charge and my account had been compromised.  They closed my card, put a block on the number, and are sending me a new one along with dispute forms.  Since I didn't know what else this crook could be doing with my information, or how much more they have on me, I put a fraud alert on my credit reports as well.  From the one that I was allowed to see online, nothing compromised there, but I'm not taking any further chances.

I also have to say this, if I am putting a fraud alert on my credit report, I not want to be prompted multiple times by the bureau's online or phone systems to purchase a credit score for "only $7.95"  I am not calling because I got denied credit, employment, or a mortgage, I am calling because some stupid cumdumpster compromised my information, that was the option I selected.  I could give less of a shit about knowing my score at this time.  Just send me my report.

Whoever stole my CC, hope you enjoyed the porn for the whole day you got to view it, and I hope when you try to use my card again that the merchant calls the cops on your ass.

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