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March 01, 2009

"The List"

"The List" is something I have wanted to be on for years, and something I thought would take a while before I could get there. However, opportunity knocked the other night and I took advantage to finally land on "The List." It's just one step forward towards my ultimate goal.

So just what the hell is "The List"? It's the waiting list to become a season ticket owner for the Baltimore Ravens. To be a season ticket owner, you buy a Permanent Seat License (PSL) for a one-time fee, and those seats are yours, now and forever, so long as you buy the season tickets every year. Well of course all of the licenses have been bought up at this point, so a waiting list was created for those who want to become PSL owners, and since it is limited to 3000 people, that filled up quickly as well. So I figured that unless I found a PSL owner who wanted to sell their license, or someone who had a spot on the list and wanted to sell it, I wouldn't be moving towards being a season ticket holder anytime soon.

Fortunately I was wrong when I was reading my E-mail and was going through the newsletter I get from the Ravens. One of the links at the bottom said that spots were open on "The List" I immediately jumped to the site and purchased a spot for myself. So now I am somewhere on the list and when my name finally reaches the top, I will be able to buy two seats for myself and be able to watch the Ravens as often as possible. It's rather cheap to get started there, I paid $50 per seat to get on the list, and I will have to pay $25 per seat each year to stay on the list. However, that money will be applied towards my PSL cost when I do finally get to purchase my seats.

I think what made opportunity finally knock for me is the economy, people are likely giving up their season tickets because of costs, so that opens up seats for new owners, taking them off the list and opening up spots for people like me to land on the list. Hell, there could also be people taking themselves off the list as well because they get up there but now they can't afford to be on the list. I know it will likely take a few years for me to get there, but when I can be a PSL owner, I will definitely be good and ready for it.

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