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April 25, 2009

Spring Football Fest

Today is the day when thousands of Baltimore Ravens fans are going to descend on M&T Bank Stadium to enjoy a day of meeting players, cheerleaders, and other fans while the NFL Draft goes on in the background. I have never been to one before and so I am excited to go. I'm hoping I can get a few autographs on my Ravens poster and find some cool stuff at some of the rummage sales as well.

It looks like it is going to be a hot day so unfortunately I don't get to wear my new Ngata jersey because it is a replica, and those screened numbers tend to stick to you in the heat, especially when your jersey is the color black. So it looks like I am going with the white Flacco jersey today.

The bonus is that I got a ticket to go to the Orioles game as well this evening, and it looks like the seats are decent.

Any other Ravens fans who read this, maybe I'll see you down there today ;-)

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