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April 28, 2009

What An Odd Day

I swear this had to be one of the strangest days for me on record, but at least it's over.

Woke up this morning and I was going to drive to metro since I had plans to head up to Columbia after work.  Instead, I would get onto the main road of my neighborhood, feel something was not right, and end up pulling off into a nearby parking lot.  I discovered that one of my tires had blown its valve stem.  I changed the tire and drove to Metro to get on my way to work; a bit late, but at least I could make it in.

Then to top it off, I realized that my SmartTrip card was not in my wallet, but rather in my other pair of pants.  After much cursing I went and bought another card, so now I have a backup I can carry in my bag if for some reason this happens again.

When I left work, I dropped by the tire store and got the tire fixed.  The guy was nice enough to do it without a huge charge.  I drove back to the parking lot behind my apartment and started to switch out the spare with my fixed tire.

Some couple proceeded to have a screaming match by the supermarket, and boy did it sound ugly.  He kept on screaming for her to get out of the car, and she wouldn't get out.  I ended up calling the cops because I thought it was going to get violent, but they finished yelling and drove off before the police arrived.  I gave the officer the tag number and what I witnessed and left it at that.

Yeah, ladies and gents, if you get into a screaming match somewhere and it sounds like it could turn physical, I have no qualms about calling the cops.  The last thing I want to see is a domestic situation turn physical and I did nothing to try to stop it.

Perhaps tomorrow won't be so odd.

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  1. Clearly we need to break the curse of your week with a massive animal sacrifice. You have to order everything rare tonight. ;)

    Recent blog post: in DC: “I am a politician who is moral.”