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May 04, 2009

Football Fest and Game

Just over a week ago I was in Baltimore attending the Ravens Spring Football Fest at M&T Bank Stadium, and it was a blast to be at.

I got there around 1:30 because I knew it was going to be packed.  Luckily, parking was very easy since the football fest started at 3 PM and most people had not arrived yet.  I parked and walked around part of the stadium to see where lines were.  I got into the line to sign up for an autograph session.  At 2 they opened up the line and started giving out the wrist bands.  I managed to get one of the last bands to get the autographs of Jameel McClain, Le'Ron McClain, Brian Johnson, and Matt Lawrence at 5 PM.

Then it was time to get in line to get into the stadium, I walked, and I walked, and I walked because by this time the line was almost halfway around the stadium.  Eventually I reached the back of the line, and then the ticket office door next to me decided to open up and let us in.  I got inside and walked around to get familiar with where everything was.  I went to the team store and picked up a few items at discount, then went to the rummage sale.  I picked up a framed picture of Joe Flacco that was autographed by him.  I brought the stuff back to my car before heading inside to explore some more.

I came back and walked around, exploring booths, picking up free swag before I made my way down to the field.  It was a blast to walk around and actually be on the field with all of the fans.  I snapped several pictures of what was going on before eventually heading back up to get to the autograph session.  I got to my section and sat and chilled while the draft was being shown on the jumbo screen.  Got up later, got my "What's Our Name?" poster signed, then headed back to the field to see if I could catch a locker room tour.

By the time I got back down there, the tours were over because the Columbia Ravens vs Mascots game was about to start.  The mascots for the University of Delaware, Papa Johns Pizza, Baltimore Blackhawks, Washington Nationals, Washington Capitals, and of course, Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Ravens were playing against a junior football team.  It was fun to watch because of course wacky things do happen.  I will say don't mess with Slapshot from the Caps, he sacked one of the players pretty good.  Of course the kids won.

After that I watched a hot dog eating contest where one of the SFF staff members managed to win by eating something like 23 hot dogs in 5 minutes.  At that time the Ravens made their first pick of the NFL draft, drafting Michael Oher (T).  It was around 6:30 and things were winding down there, so it was time to take off from the stadium, but my day wasn't quite over yet.

A deal the Ravens had going on with the Orioles was that if you bought a ticket to the SFF, you got a ticket to the Orioles game that night.  Of course I went over to watch baseball.  The seat I had was decent for a $5 seat, however, things were hellaciously busy at the stadium.  It did take a while to find an usher to direct me to my seat and such.  I got through about 6 innings of checking every so often to see if the lines for food had gone down.  That didn't happen and I was starving by then (plus we were losing by 5) so I decided to take off for home.

So the SFF was a blast and such, I would definitely do it again.  I should have pictures up sometime this week.

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