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May 12, 2009

Weekend Update

After spending Friday night tagging items for my churchs yard sale, I was back Saturday morning to lend a hand.  It went very well for us, I ended up being surprised at how much stuff had already been sold in the first half hour of the sale before I got there.  The only snag we ran into was that we didn't have our supplies to sell hotdogs, oh well, next yard sale.

I drove up to Baltimore to meet up with DB and RB to watch the final rugby game of the season with Chesapeake.  The team did well enough to win both games against the NYC club they were facing.  DB and I got to do some catching up while RB took pictures of the game.  Unfortunately thanks to all the rain and the port a potties that had not been cleaned out the week before, the field had some funk going on.  I hope by now that Don's Johns have shown up and taken care of them, blech.

After the games we went over to Mums and had some Boh with the teams before heading back to DB and RB's place.  They had plans that evening to meet up with a friend so I headed off for home, and that is where things went to hell.  I was getting onto MLK Jr. Blvd when traffic basically came to a dead stop.  There was a wreck at the intersection with Baltimore St.  Fine, okay, yeah, it happens, but oh no, we weren't done yet.  Two intersections down at Lombard St. was another wreck, and that one was bad enough to close two of the three lanes.  It took me half an hour to get through it because there was no place to detour.  By the time I got through there and out of Baltimore, I was good and pissed off, vowing that if I was going anywhere that evening, it would be either by someone picking me up, or by Metro.  I ended up chilling out at home that evening since some potential plans fell through.

Sunday I got up and went for an early morning run.  I need to start doing more cardio exercise because I can tell I am starting to get out of shape otherwise.  I went to church and had one of the shared worship services with St James.  One of these days I need to explain this whole deal with St James right now.  After church I used my time to tackle some housework that had been neglected, including vacuuming, dusting, and mopping.  I picked up a steam mop recently to help with keeping the floor clean, it is easier than dealing with a mop at times.

Hung out with some buds in the evening and ended up watching Any Dream Will Do on BBC America.  I hate to admit it but I actually liked the show.  What was really attractive about it was that the judges who give their critiques actually have been working with the contestants during the week, so you will often hear them talk about how this person did one thing during practice when working with them, but then they didn't hear it during the performance.  We'll see what happens with this show, but it's not like I'll know because I am still giving Comcast the middle finger.

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