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August 06, 2009

Bee Stings and Moving

My little brother is changing dorms this week at college because he had to live in one for the summer, but now he's moving to another one for the school year, and this was the week he had to do it.  It's so that way they can get all the people who stayed for the summer all moved in before all the incoming freshman and returning students show up to move in.  The plan was that my dad and I were going to go up to help him move his stuff and get settled in, along with bring some stuff from Costco that he had asked for.

Did I mention that my bro has his arm in a sling right now?  Yup, he messed up his AC due to an accident at work so he's "Mr. Gimpy" right now.  This is especially why he needed our help.

Yesterday my dad had made arrangements to board our dogs so that we wouldn't have to worry about them while we were gone for the day.  However, during the afternoon, I had let them out to run around in the backyard for a few minutes and get their business out of the way.  I let them back in and everything seemed okay, until later on when one of our dogs suddenly decided to make a mess, which usually indicates something is wrong.  It was then that we noticed her muzzle was swelling up.

After a phone call to the vet, it was off to see them and find out what was going on.  Even though her face had swollen, it hadn't spread to her tongue, and her behavior was still normal, besides that she was rubbing her face against the seat every so often (likely it was itching like mad).  The vet gave her a shot of Benadryl and told us to keep her collar off just in case.  He thought it was because she got stung by a bee, likely while trying to eat one of the plants, though we didn't find a stinger in her lip.  So because now she was "sick" it meant no boarding the dogs.  I would be on my own for visiting my bro.  It happens.

I got up early this morning and headed up to Flagstaff.  The drive itself was pretty easy since I was going the "wrong" way for traffic on I-17, plus with tunes blasting out of my MP3 player, I was good to go.  I got up there and immediately the task was to get the stuff moved out of one dorm room and pack the car as full as possible.  Luckily my bro was at least able to get his stuff packed up so it was just a matter of hauling it down there.  About 3.5 hours later and a few trips, with a bit of help from his roommate and friends, we got all of his things moved to his new campus apartment.  I would be lying if I didn't say it wore me out a bit because I hauled a lot of heavy tubs and boxes.  This should make up for any fatassery I have done to myself this week with going to places like In-N-Out Burger.  Now my bro gets to enjoy the task of unpacking all that crap and figuring out where it goes.

I treated him and his friends to lunch before getting them back to their respective places, though my next task was to get my bro to his dentist appointment up the road.  That crazy boy has actually walked to his appointment before and it takes about an hour each way, so there was no way I was making him do that today.  I sat and watched TV in the waiting room while teasing one of the hygienists since she was joking that I was his bodyguard.  After he got done, I dropped my bro off back at his place and drove back to Phoenix.

Now my bro is settled in, and I am just here on the couch putting up the slightly sore feet and will probably sleep damn good tonight.

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