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August 03, 2009

Final Visit?

Back in April, Southwest Airlines ran one of their usual screaming deals on airfare, in this case, the ability to fly from Baltimore to Phoenix for only $99 each way.  So I made plans to fly to Phoenix in August to visit the parents and friends out there because I figured I could use a vacation by then.  Besides that, I also used the sale to make a stopover in Las Cruces, NM, since I have not been there since leaving to move to DC just over four years ago.  I was due to make a visit.

How was I to know quite a few circumstances would change between now and then?

As I sit here at the household it is myself, my dad, and two dogs in a house that looks much more bare than I have seen it in years past.  So just what the hell has happened, and why is it that it could be my final visit?

In the middle of June, my mom flew to San Antonio for an interview with a hospital because she was ready to move on.  The first hospital screwed up royally with her interview, but then while she was there, another hospital called and asked for an interview and she went in, interviewed, they liked her, so they offered her the job she wanted, and at the price she wanted as well.

So this last week, her and my dad drove out to San Antonio with some of her things and got her moved into an apartment.  He has come back to Phoenix in order to sell this house before moving on to San Antonio as well.  I hope and pray that he is able to sell the house fast because it just plain blows to have to sit around and wait for someone to buy your house before you can join your wife where she is at.

Anyway, so for me, this is likely my last visit to Phoenix for a while because when both of my parents are gone, there isn't a huge incentive for me to come over here.  This area was my stomping grounds for maybe two years, and even then, it was only when I went home to visit my parents from college.  If anything, I'm more likely to go to Las Cruces and Silver City simply because I have friends there.  I'll miss this area, but at the same time, life goes on, and at least it can be a central location for me to stop at before heading somewhere like the Grand Canyon.

The flight to Phoenix was uneventful, a non-stop from Baltimore.  The unfortunate thing was that I checked in late enough I ended up toward the back of the plane in a window seat.  Most people would cheer at getting a window seat, but for me it meant less room to be able to stretch out my legs and less chance to get up and move around.  On the other hand, I did get through three episodes of The Wire, and I should be able to finish a few more this week.

Most of my time so far has been spent relaxing, and running a few errands as well, but they have been more of the fun errands.  I got to try some awesome Dim Sum yesterday at a local restaurant, as well as pick up authentic Italian deli meats from down the road.  I've also gotten up and started running again, though I had to pick up a knee brace because one of them is bothering me badly enough it's forcing me to slow to a walk.  I'm going to test it out tomorrow and see if it helps me out.  I must also look up knee exercises and stretches.

Beyond that, I'm just going along with whatever comes my way.  I've connected with a friend here and we'll probably be doing lunch sometime this week.  Maybe I'll make some new friends as well, and perhaps that would give me more incentive to come back to Phoenix sooner rather than later.

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