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August 27, 2009

General Stuff

The last few days have had their ups and downs.

Monday morning was spent at the local car shop getting work done on my car. The joy of rolling over 180,000 miles is that it means that there is stuff that has to be done if you want to keep it running. In this case, it meant replacing all of the tires, getting an alignment done (it apparently did need it) and also getting the power steering flushed. In the future I have to get the oil changed but I am waiting until after this next batch of fuel injector cleaner is run through the tank. Eventually I'll have to do the 30,000 mile servicing, but that will be when I have more fundage.

I have narrowed my search down to the camera I want. After some hunting and posting to a photography forum, I was led to the Nikon Coolpix s710. It seems to be one of the few point and shoot cameras sold these days that contains a full manual mode. I want something I can easily carry to an event like football or hockey. You can also bet that the next time I go to white sands, I am going to put that camera in a ziploc bag and just shoot pictures through that!

My church is participating in the labor day parade in Greenbelt, so I'll be returning to walking in that parade after taking last year off. It should be fun, if you're around you should cheer us on, unless you're part of St Georges, then you should be walking with us ;-)

I'm going to go to Busch Gardens this weekend, weather be damned (glares at TS Danny). They're taking The Big Bad Wolf out after Labor Day, so I have got to ride it now, or completely miss an opportunity to ride the very first suspended roller coaster in the world.

Tomorrow night will be a moment of geekery. I am going to Wolf Trap for the first time, in this case to see LOTR: The Two Towers while a live orchestra plays the score. My friend BG won tickets to go so a few of us get to check that out. Hopefully the weather holds up, though they claim the show will go on, rain or shine.

There may finally be a light at the end of the tunnel for some of the things that have been requiring my focus at work. With many conference calls and such, I think we have found the issue at hand, and with much testing from myself and others, it looks like we at least can make a settings adjustment to resolve part of the issue. However, we still want to know why things broke, but that is more of a question for the developers of the off-the-shelf software that we're using. We shall see what happens with that.

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