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August 19, 2009

Make It Different

I need a change.

It's becoming painfully obvious that I need a new approach and scene when it comes to meeting other guys. I haven't really been meeting anyone that captures my interest, or that are actually interested in what is in my head rather than what is between my legs.

The thing is, where do I go at this point? It seems that most folks around my age are interested in going to the bars as a way to meet others, but it does get old after a while. When it comes to some of my interests, when I have met other folks, they tend to already have someone else (dammit!).

On the other hand though, the experiences I have had are helping to define just what it is I like, what I could potentially live with, and what will be a deal breaker. What I should do is begin writing it down somewhere, if only so I can compare notes and re-evaluate as I go along.

Once again though the universe gives a very strong hint that now is not the time for anything too serious. I joked to my mom the other night that every time I have a major moment of feeling lonely or frustrated when it comes to dating that then someone comes crying to me because something's fucked up in their relationship or they're having drama with someone, and all it does is make me think "This is why I'm glad to be single". Sure enough, the next day someone comes to me about some drama they were having. All right, so I get it, keep going and don't even think of settling right now. Besides, settling for the next person who has come along is what has gotten me into trouble.

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