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October 07, 2009

Change My Route

With the beginning of October, it is clear that Fall has arrived. The weather has gotten colder, and the leaves are beginning to turn. However, this is also a time of year that makes me a bit paranoid when I am driving. It's at this time of year that I will start to spot more deer on the road because they're migrating and such. Mostly it's because I drive the Baltimore Washington Parkway when I'm going to/from Baltimore. There's a lot of woods, so the deer like to be around that area.

I'm always afraid that I am going to be driving down the road one night and I'm going to end up smashing into one that runs right in front of me. I don't know why I have that since I have not had a close call, but I certainly don't want one to happen either. Methinks that for the next month or two, I should take 95 to and from Baltimore so that I can try to avoid this potential problem.

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