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November 16, 2009

Birthday Drama

I turned 27 last Thursday.  Did I do anything to celebrate it?  Not really.  A Thursday night sucks for going out to celebrate, and because it was hell week for my play, I had rehearsal.  However, I always manage to have some sort of adventure, even when I don't plan for it.

So I was supposed to get to rehearsal by 7, but I needed to pick up a prop for the show (thank you Amazon Prime!) so the plan was to drive from work to the UPS store to pick up the package and then drive to rehearsal.  Well I leave work and I notice one of my headlights is out. Eh, it happens, I'll just fix it when I have time Saturday morning.  I drive to the UPS store, get my package, and I am about to leave when I notice something isn't quite right...

My other headlight had gone out as well.

What the fuck? I have had a headlight burn out, but never had the other one burn out within an hour!

I had no low-beams, only high-beams, and the nearest auto parts store was about 3 miles down the road, so not a snowballs chance in hell that I could walk there. So my options were to: 

A) Drive to rehearsal with high-beams only (illegal)
B) Drive to rehearsal with only parking lights and pray I don't get pulled over (highly illegal)
C) Call for a ride

So I went with option C, called EH (the director) to let her know I was stuck and needed a ride, she responded by sending her partner CR out to come get me. So of course I get a phone call from "R's Rescue Service" and give her directions, she arrives and picks me up. I have her take me to an auto parts store and I get bulbs for the car.  Then she gets me over to rehearsal, only about 30-40 mins late.

The nice surprise though when I got there was that CR had baked vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting for me in honor of my birthday, so I got to enjoy that.  I must get the recipe for how she makes her frosting.

So we had rehearsal and managed to wrap it up around 10 (should have finished before 9). Then once that was done, EH drove me back to my car, and so I got my bulbs installed.  If you're on Facebook, there is a picture of me doing this.

So that was how I got to start out being 27, but believe me, it could have been worse.  If I had not stopped at the UPS store, then they would have burned out after rehearsal, when all the auto parts shops were closed.  I would have had no time to buy new bulbs either as performance was the next night.  In fact, since no headlights render my car undriveable after 6 PM, I would have had to be picked up via Metro to get me to the first night of performance.  Also, this mini-crisis comes nowhere near the hell that my 22nd birthday started off as, so I can't really bitch.

There will be a proper celebration later on, likely after I finish my show next weekend.

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