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December 15, 2009

Paying Up

One of the many things I tend to get into as a sports fan is doing the trash talk with fans of rival teams, especially when their team is playing my team that week.  Perhaps sometimes it can get me into a bit of trouble.

A few weeks ago, the Ravens were going up against the Vikings and there is a woman at my church who is a Vikings fan.  Of course we are giving one another hell about who is going to end up losing the game and the conversation became a bet.  If the Ravens won, she had to wear a Ravens jersey to church, if the Vikings won, then I had to wear a Vikings jersey to church.  Well unfortunately the Ravens lost (thank you Hauschka) so that meant I had to pay up on that bet.

Paying Up

Don't I just look thrilled?  Not only did I have to wear a Vikings jersey, but it had to be a Favre jersey.  I also paid up on this bet the weekend that the Ravens were going to play the Steelers, so it did make me worry that I'd be bringing the Ravens some bad luck.  However, the Ravens would go on to smack down the Steelers that evening, and I got to watch it all happen at The Bank :-D

So I guess that one could say that I should really watch my mouth and not make stupid bets like this, but really, it was all in good fun.  At least I am not like the guy who bet his TV on the outcome of the Redskins game!

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