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December 21, 2009

Reflections on my 26th Year

Yes I know it has been well over a month since I turned 27, humor me.  This is also post number 500, woohoo!

Another year is down already? Where the hell did it go? It certainly has been a busy year for me, but I think that because I was having so much fun with it, time just flew by.

Some highlights from the last year:

  • Parents came to visit and I took them to their first NFL game.
  • I wrote a paper that was accepted for publishing and presentation at an international software users conference.
  • I rode my 100th roller coaster in the world at Carowinds in Charlotte, NC on July 3, with a ride on Thunder Road (North Carolina).
  • Nearly went to Europe because of the aforementioned paper, but had my body decide to stop me from going (appendicitis).
  • Put myself on the waiting list to become a season ticket owner for the Baltimore Ravens, and switched my license plates to Ravens plates.
  • Visited Las Vegas for the first time in my life.
  • Logged lots of miles in the car traveling to various amusement parks and camping.

On the dating front, I was with TB for a few months, but ultimately that didn't work out due to schedule conflicts and life changes.  I used the rest of the year to stay single and learn more about just what it was I liked and what I wanted.  It also was a summer of drama for some of the couples that I knew, so it just gave me incentive to stay single.  I started to ease back into dating in the late fall, but it's still staying very casual.

I've come to realize that I am a person that tends to march to the beat of a different drum.  It took me an entire summer of hitting my head against the wall to figure that out, but that's no surprise because of my innate stubbornness.  I am attracted to a certain type of guy, and that kind of guy tends to be what is known as a "cub" which is part of the "bear" community.  Of course, the bears and cubs tend to hang out together, so if I want to find one, I head to where they hang out.  Here's the thing though, I came to realize that most of them are very vested in the bear community and tend to only stick with that.  I got bored with that rather quickly, yet I kept on trying, just to see if I could find anyone who wanted a bit more than just going to the same bars every week and always hanging out with the same people.  It turned out that the answer was no, so I finally had to admit to myself that I just didn't fit in with them and had to move onward.

I am also beginning to think that when it comes to some folks, I am too steady for them, and they tend to take advantage of that, whether they realize it or not.  I'm loyal to my friends, almost to a fault at times.  If I make plans with someone, I will stick to them, I rarely break them unless I absolutely have to.  I am also usually the one that can head out there and meet up with folks.  I think that because I am so steady and don't just flake, people will forget that they can call me up to hang out.  Usually in order to hang out with them, I have to be the one to call them, every...single...time.  It gets old after a while.  With some I have hit the point where I'm just not bothering to call them anymore just to see if they ever bother to call me or what.  So far I have been proven correct that I have had to be the aggressor, because they certainly haven't been calling me.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised though.

I am looking forward to the next year because I think it is going to be exciting.  I plan to continue with my having fun and going for new opportunities as they come along.  I think with a bit of work I could crack 150 coasters, especially when I take advantage of the free trip I earned from Southwest earlier this year.  I am thinking of going to California and hitting some of the parks there, but also going to San Francisco since the last time I was there, I was 10.

27 should be an exciting year for me, I had an exciting 26th, and I plan to keep it up.

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