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May 07, 2010

4/10/2010 18:35, Champ de Mars

Ecole Militarie

I loved going to the Louve today and the tour was worth it! there was so much to see and I know there is plenty I did not see, but that could not be helped.  It really is a multi-day place but I got to see lots of important works.

I found that I liked the sculptures the most especially of all the different interpretations of men, women and gods.  I think the other reason the tour was helpful was that we got to skip the lines and with power in numbers, we could get closer to more famous art to get pictures.  I ws also glad for the headset that was provided so that we could hear our guide.

The one thing that killed me though?  The folks who were still using flash photography even though there are constant reminders it is not allowed.  Either they don't listen or they don't know how to turn it off.  I blame the fact that all cameras come with a full auto mode so they don't have to think.  I also blame the lack of enforcement by the staff.  I sat and respected the rules and got some great shots, but it wasn't easy.

Still, the Louvre was fun, so kudos to Dark Roman Tours for the experience.

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