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May 05, 2010

4/9/2010, 15:22, Heerlen to Amsterdam Train

New CBS Building

Yesterday morning I woke up at 8 and walked around the town to find a bite to eat.  Not really finding anything open I came back and had some of my travel snacks in my room.  Headed downstairs and surfed the web for some time (it's free in the lobby) before packing up and heading to CBS with RP, CG, CU, RM, and BC.  By the time we were going to leave, it had started to rain, but the front desk had some umbrellas we could borrow to walk over to CBS.

We got to CBS (and passed the Mining Museum along the way) and PS was waiting to let us into the conference.  WE dropped off our things and started out with lunch.  Sandwiches, breads, and fruit were on the menu.  I thought I had picked up a chicken sandwich, but it turned out to be an omelet with green onions.  I enjoyed it, and I am not normally a fan of eggs.  I think if I learned to cook them better I would like them more.

After lunch the meeting got underway.  There was a lot of discussion about Blaise NG including timelines and demos of features.  I am excited about what is coming down the pike.  We had asked for some major changes and an overhaul to the core of Blaise and StatNeth is glad to hear we're interested in that. All of this and the new look of NG could mean major changes to how we code and how our surveys will look in the future.  I am hoping that NG is out by the time survey re-design rolls around for my projects (2013-2014).  It would be the perfect time to shake things up.

In the meantime there are lots of notes about what we will be up to in terms of testing NG.  I hope I can get in on that.  I think the potential for a great product is here, but I know my role would be to work and give feedback to them in order to make it happen.

For some reason, despite the long sleep I had the night before, I was feeling tired, thank God for coffee.

When the meeting was over for the first day, we got our train passes for the social activity and went back to the hotel to change.  The social activity was to travel to Valkenburg, go on a guided tour, and have dinner and drinks with the whole group.

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