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August 23, 2010

A Different Summer

Compared to my last summer, things have certainly been different.  My amount of traveling may have been a bit lower but that doesn't mean I haven't kept things interesting.

I spent most of last summer traveling to various theme parks and riding new roller coasters, along with doing a bit of camping at The Woods.  It was pretty much the summer of roller coasters.  This summer, it was the summer of the convention.  The basis for all of this started when I went to Far Point last February.  While there, I learned about Shore Leave and the fact that Edward James Olmos and Katee Sackhoff would be there.   I wanted to see both of them, plus there was an offer to get a picture taken with them, so I was all over that.

So there was Shore Leave already in the works.  Then lo and behold, another convention opportunity would unexpectedly come around the corner.  After getting with CW, he learned of one of my lesser known interests, and it turns out he had experience in the area, and his plan was to go to Anthrocon.  Well when relations went in a good direction, and after some discussion, I floated the idea of going as well.  For me it would be a way to dive in and see what this was all about and if it was something to pursue.  Well from that I certainly learned the answer is yes, and that I'm actually a decent writer.  Besides that, I did also get to squeeze in a roller coaster trip to Kennywood, which I had never been to before.  That was a ton of fun.  The thing I liked about Kennywood was they used the hills that make up the land they sit on as part of the ride, which usually translated into some sick airtime on some of the rides.

So two conventions, and then actually camping for longer than a weekend by doing Pennsic.  That was tons of fun as well.  I still did a lot around here as well.  This year I got to see fireworks and light off fireworks here for 4th of July, which was a blast in itself.  There were also more music concerts, with the M3 Rock Fest and also getting to see Kiss, and I am still not done with that as I will be seeing Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfold with CW, ChW, and FA soon.

Looking at how this summer has gone, I may not have been traveling on my long weekends like I did, but I certainly made sure to make the most of it, and for that I am glad. 

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