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September 27, 2010

Playing By Your Rules

I am currently filling out my drivers license renewal paperwork and one of the questions is asking if I wish to be an organ donor.  Five years ago I immediately checked "Yes" to this question. This time around, I am checking "No."

It is not that I don't believe that my organs could help someone, rather I am playing by the rules that have been handed to me.  Since I am a man who loves another man and not a woman, the FDA and other rulemakers automatically assume that I am a walking disease factory who is hell bent on infecting others.  It is too bad since my behaviors and testing proves otherwise.  However, this assumption means that I am  banned for life from donating blood or bone marrow.

Since I am already banned for life from being allowed to donate and help others, fine, you can't have my organs either, you probably do not want them anyway. Just remember that under the current rules, a promiscuous straight person can happily give all the blood and bone marrowthey want, but a monogamous gay person cannot. You had better pray the promiscuous ones always practiced safe sex.

Perhaps if the rules change I will go back to checking "Yes" to organ donation; but I am not holding my breath that it will happen in my lifetime.

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