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August 27, 2007

Bye Bye Sams!

Bye Bye Sams!, originally uploaded by theblackdog2071.

As you can see, clearly I won't be using Sams Club anytime soon.

I've had the Sams Club membership since I moved here to Maryland. Mike was offered by Wal-Mart a Sams Club account, and they would just deduct some money every paycheck so he wouldn't have to deal with renewing membership, it was basically continuous. Since I was a "household member" I was allowed a complimentary card as well.

The closest Sams to me is in Laurel, and I would occasionally buy groceries from there, and use it to get cheap gas, but it was also enough out of the way that I didn't always want to make the trek. Well last Saturday I went to the Costco in Beltsville with some of my friends from church because they wanted to buy a few things for the after show party later. Since I was basically a Costco virgin, I figured I'd give it a shot. So I went in there for the few minutes we had, and i started to like what I saw, so I made plans with them to come back another day.

Tonight was the trip, complete with wandering down the aisles to see what all they had. They carry a number of the same things that Sams Club does, but they carry some better stuff as well. I was impressed to see the selection of fresh stuff from their bakery, including a tray with a turkey and cheese sandwich and Caesars salad for only $6, or their take and bake pizzas for $8, and they were the size of an extra large at Papa John's. Besides that, I could also buy the gigantic kosher hot dogs for cheaper for what I would pay for them at Sams, and these were the Hebrew National Brand (Sams has some no-name brand). More advantages are that it's closer to my place (5 min drive vs 20 min drive) and there's the cheap gas...currently 2.49 for unleaded, yay! So I finally said that yes, I was going to get a membership, and so I did.

Bye Bye Sams Club and the evil Wal-Mart corporation...hello Costco. I even know how to get to one in Phoenix for when I visit my parents. It also means one more connection to Mike that I don't have anymore.