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July 16, 2007

Too much to do

This week is going to be a very busy week. I received a phone call yesterday that there were some 2 bdrm apartments opening up in our complex, and I could move into one either August 1 or Sept 13. Well if I were to take the August 1 date, it would mean having less than 2 weeks to pack everything up and move. That would be difficult even if I were living by myself because of work, GodSpell rehearsals, and other obligations.

So I told them I would move in September, that's great, of course, now comes the dreaded "Apartment Inspection." Basically they make sure nothing major is broken, and that the place is in decent shape. So that means I will be doing lots of cleaning over the next few days. I've already warned Mike he needs to step up to the plate and clean as well because I sure as hell am not doing it by myself. Already I've cleared out some of the boxes that were in the living room. There's stuff that's been there since Mike brought it down here that he hasn't touched. Well I went through them, kept the things of mine that I wanted to keep, consolidated his stuff, and put it in the bedroom. It's for him to deal with, not me. I also threw out a lot of crap that didn't need to be around. I am sure I will be throwing out more and more.

Actually the apartment is in decent shape, the big thing will be cleaning the carpet when we move everything out because it definitely needs to be done. Also, there is a scrape on the wall I need to cover up before Friday. I hope we pass inspection. At least we have a good rental history with this place.

I just want to have my own bedroom, I'm tired of sleeping in the living room. It will be nice to have my own bed and my own space to be in. My other plan is to set up my computer to connect to the wireless, then I won't have to keep it out in the living room. Honestly, as it is, I just want my stuff in my room, besides, I'm not here as often as I used to be.

Work is work as usual, finally there's some questions coming back from sponsors so I have those tasks to work on. Joshua and I are fine, we had a great time in Baltimore last weekend visiting our friends Dan and Rob, who were throwing a party. Much fun and drinking was to be had. Also, another guy I've talked with for a few years online, Jarrod, flew out to Baltimore so I got to meet him as well. Between him, and the awesome Laura, it was a party to remember.

Now it's after midnight, so time for bed.

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  1. 1) I hope you get your own room soon. Or your own place.

    2) I wanted to thank you again for coming to the party. Jarrod had fun staying here and I miss him. He is such a sweet guy and also a cutie.

    3) Just wanted to let you knwo that I read your journal alsmost every day. **giggle**