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September 12, 2007

All Done!

Well...95% of the way.

This past Saturday I moved out of my old apartment and into my new one. With the help I received, I was out of there and into the new place within 1.5 hours. It also didn't hurt that I did a lot of consolidating before I left, so I really did not have that many things to bring over. I just had a lot of boxes, some of them being rather heavy. I've been informed that the next time I move, I am to pack my books into much smaller boxes.

So everything was brought over, people kept talking about how cute my new place was, and that it looked like I was going to enjoy being here. I bought lunch for everyone so we sat around on the few intact pieces of furniture I had and enjoyed ourselves before people took off. I spent the rest of Saturday unpacking boxes and trying to arrange things.

I discovered that using two futon mattresses on top of a sleeper sofa mattress is not going to work for me to sleep, simply because it's too soft. I really do prefer a firm bed, so now it's just one futon mattress, I'll put the other up on Freecycle (it's where I got this one anyway). Almost everything is put away and/or set up, the only major thing left is to get rid of some cardboard, and organize the desk that's in my room now.

Saturday night I picked up things at various stores. There was a sale on a blender with a food processor attachment at Macys, so I picked that up as a sort of housewarming gift for myself. I used a 20% off coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond for a salad spinner. Then it was off to Target to pick up the necessities to get going with the new place. I managed to pick up everything I needed except for a mop, and that was simply because all the mops were in the wrong places and the price check was inconveniently placed that after the 3rd mop that was in the wrong spot I said forget it and moved on.

Sunday morning was church, then it was off to Ikea with Kris and Matthew to pick up other items for the home. I got a few basic items, including a new desk chair. They didn't have the color I wanted, so I'm going to check back in a few weeks and when they do have the color I want, then my current chair will become the desk chair for the bedroom, and the new one will be my computer chair. I spent the rest of the afternoon getting unpacked. I was quite proud of myself by the late evening as I had finally gotten the bulk of important items in place.

Monday morning rolled around and first it was off to get some breakfast down at the Silver Diner. I had their country skillet, which was very tasty. I'll have to hit their breakfast specials more often. Ran over to the City of Greenbelt to pick up a form to get a permit for a gathering for GreenBeLT Pride, then decided to stop in and get my hair cut. I'm sure I'll surprise a few people when they see me again, but they'll probably like it as well. I spent the rest of the day getting most unpacking done. I also flattened and put boxes in the car because there's a friend of mine who needs them because her friend is getting ready to move. I also moved unused things to the storage unit downstairs. I am impressed with myself, my boxes only took up about 1/4-1/3 of the unit, and it's not very big as it is. I was able to wheel in my bike as well to take up another part of the floor space. I hit Ikea to exchange an item, then ran to the grocery store so I could stock up on the basics. Despite being hungry by then, I was still very disciplined in what I bought and I stuck very closely to the basics.

Today it was back to work, then a planning meeting for National Coming Out Day, then homeward to cook some chicken so I have food for a few days. I finally got all of my clothes put away as well, along with got some boxes prepared of items that i really don't need, so I'm donating them to the church yard sale in a few weeks.

Tomorrow it's work, then it's out to Fogo de Chão for my friend Brian's birthday. I've been there before, it should be a lot of fun. I can't wait, and it also means I'm not eating very much tomorrow before I get there, as I am sure others will be doing ;-)

As for what is left here, I just have to take those things to church and I should be all set to go from here. My Netflix movies also arrive tomorrow so I won't be missing cable anytime soon.

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  1. Fugo de Chao!.. I suggest you eat a salad early in the day before heading over there.. cause you gonna eat a lot of meat, and mroe meat and yes.. more meat.
    And yes did I say Meat? You will not eat for days after that. :-)

    I take it your all settled or mostly settled.

    My brother got me Zelda for the Wii

    and I owe you an e-mail about Renn faire and stuff :-)