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September 05, 2007

Food thoughts

I came to a realization today in regard to my previous diet and how I am trying to change things now.

One thing I was doing wrong in one sense was that I had gotten into a long time habit of making only the main course of a meal and eating that, and never pairing any side dishes with it. Since the main dish tends to be the dish that most people (myself included) make that has more of the calories, fats, and other stuff, I would end up eating more of that, and therefore create an imbalance when it came to my nutrition.

A good example would be the turkey feta burgers I created tonight, in the past I would eat only the burgers and I would eat two to three of them. So of course I get plenty of protein, but I also get a bit more fat and calories than I should be eating for just this one meal. So tonight besides the burgers I had a bowl of some steamed corn, and it turned out that I only needed to cook and eat one burger and I was full enough. So not only did I cut calories, I got more nutrition out of the meal as well.

I find that I still think about getting some fast food, but now I really think about if there is something better I could make at home. I was picking up some boxes from a friend tonight and nearby is a Wendys, well I kept thinking that maybe I would go there, but I found myself driving on past and thinking to myself that it would be better to just get something at home. Now because I am getting ready to move and I have packed all of my cooking stuff, it does provide more of a temptation to just eat bad stuff, but I am determined to stick out as much of my lifestyle changing as I can this week.

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  1. The Frostees from Wendys are like Crack

    that is all ;-)