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December 06, 2007

First Snowfall

DC finally got some snow today, and it's about time. Too bad there could not have been more though.

I had a very productive yesterday and today. Yesterday I released the final test of one of the pieces of my survey project that will go into production in 2008. The next few weeks will be exciting as three parts of the project will be released to the field for production. I'll probably be on pins and needles, especially during the month of February since that is the first month that will use these new instruments for data collection. I'm sure the tech support office will have my team on speed dial in case of any problems reported in the field. After that, May will be another time I'm likely to be walking on eggshells, as the most complex part of the project will go into production as well.

After work I met J at The Old Siam nearby Eastern Market. I love Thai food in general and I had never been to this place, so I jumped at the chance when he had made the suggestion. I had the Duck Basil, which is a rare treat for me because it is not often I have duck. Anyway, so the food was good and so was the conversation. If there was anything I wanted to have different, I would want it to be a bit warmer outside since temperatures last night were not great for walking. I failed to mention this previously, but the Sunday before last, J and I went walking around the monuments at night. It brought a whole new perspective to the monuments, especially the Korean War monument as just having the spotlights on the statues made it very haunting. I like walking around anyway, but as I said before, it was just not happening last night.

Today was my day off, and I used it to finish Christmas (and Hanukkah) shopping. Got a copy of Fiddler on the Roof for Joshua, and a soft toy in the shape of a dreidel for Aiko. I'm also on the hunt for a Wii for one of my friends, so I went through a few stores today. I know it's a long shot to find one this time of year, but I'm willing to try, ya know?

I had lunch as well with Dan and Chandra. I swear, I need to work in their office, if only so I can witness some of these stories that I hear. The conversation got even funnier when we talked about some of the things we did to siblings in childhood, and how they would get us back. For those who know Dan, ask him about when his little bro declared war on his Smurfs. I thought I was going to pass out from laughing so hard.

In the afternoon I wrapped gifts before shipping them out. I also called Sirius about a problem I was having with my headphones for my Stiletto. I qualify for an exchange on the Stiletto, but one problem is that I can't find the slim battery for the thing anywhere (I only use the extended one), and of course they will want every single piece back. So I'll have to hunt it down, worst case scenario I try to locate a pair of the headphones on Ebay.

This evening I stayed inside because as I drove back from the UPS store around 5 PM, the snow was starting to stick to the roads and they were turning to crap. Besides, there is leftover cheesburger pie to be eaten, which is perfect for a night like this. Hopefully my commute isn't crappy tomorrow, but as long as I can get to work, I'll be okay.

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  1. OUr office is filled with the insane.

    At the end.. the SMurf one their little war... but at a great cost