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December 03, 2007

WTF Are They Thinking?!

So the big news today has been that the constitutional reforms in Venezuela that Hugo Chavez was pushing for were narrowly voted down. Considering what the man was planning, this was a good thing.

However, 365gay.com decided to bring up a little known part of the constitutional changes, as if it was some great and wonderful offset to the fact that the man wanted to be able to run for president until he dies and elect all of his buddies to make sure that whatever he says, goes.

I'm all for making sure that sexual orientation is not used in a discriminatory way, but I don't want them thrown in as a smoke screen to make it look like a politician is doing something nice when in reality they're working to take away the rights of all people. I find it very doubtful that even if it passed, that the gays in Venezuela would be treated any better.

So I have to wonder what the fuck 365gay.com is thinking when they report something like this, and it's in the tone of leaning supportive to the changes. Are they that fucking blind that all they see is the carrot being dangled of "protecting the gays" that they miss the man that's about to smash them over the head with the baton of a potential dictatorship?

This is why I really can't stand the gay media or the groups that claim they're working for us, they always seem to put their emphasis on the wrong things, and then we look like a bunch of idiots.

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