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December 03, 2007

I Love My Work, But...

...sometimes people make me crazy over there.

I work on a rather large and complex survey known as Consumer Expenditures, every quarter we make a release of the survey instrument, and it includes revisions made because the sponsors change questions, add sections, delete sections, correct problems found out in production, etc. Since January is the next quarterly release, it has meant over the last month or so I've been busy fixing things up that have been found. It starts with a phone call or e-mail from the sponsor about an issue, I research it, report back what the code is doing, discuss a solution, and make the fix. Occasionally the problem is not with my code, but with their post processing system, it's how it happens at times. Either way, it gets done.

However, sometimes I don't get the pertinent info needed, and then it just makes me crazy. The day before Thanksgiving it was my extra day off. I come into the office on Black Friday to the following voicemail [paraphrased]

"Hi, this is X, we're reviewing the October production data and it looks like there is a problem with some data not being in the right place for processing. Please give me a call if you're in the office today, but if you're out of the office the rest of this week, then call me or Y back on Monday."

Notice that no where is it mentioned what data is off, or even what section could be having a problem. Just, there's a problem we need looked at. Okay, great, now if you had just told me what the problem was, I could have used part of my Friday to research it, rather than have to wait until Monday morning.

Generally things go fine though, and they love me over there, so it all works out. I was able to diagnose the problem on Monday, it was on their end, it will be fixed for next month's production.

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