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April 08, 2008

One Down...

If medical type stuff squicks you out, don't read this entry.

Those of you who know JH or at least read his blog are aware that he had surgery to open up his nasal passages today. I got a call from his mom while I was at work letting me know that the doctor told them that Joe went through the surgery just fine.

I went and saw him this evening, and except for some gauze under his nose that's being held up by a rubber band to capture the nosebleed he's having from this, he looks fine. They didn't have to break his nose, which in turn meant he didn't have any black eyes from it. He has some pain, and he's on a course of erythromycin to prevent infection, but otherwise he's in good spirits. I brought over The Simpsons to watch, and tomorrow night I'll be over there again to hang out with him for the evening and for Wednesday, that way his parents won't have to worry about him while they're at work.

As I was delightfully informed this evening, there will be no kissing for the next few days due to the bleeding from the nose, which is fine because I don't have a kink for blood play, and neither does JH ;-)

I'm just glad he's okay now, and hopefully he'll be breathing better in no time.

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