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June 24, 2008

Baltimore Pride

This past weekend JH and I were up in Baltimore to celebrate Baltimore Pride. Thankfully it was as spectators and not as planners and/or volunteer staff.

Friday night was spent in Baltimore after we both got done with our respective jobs and headed to the hotel we would be staying at. We headed out to dinner at My Thai, which I will recommend going for their sushi and sashimi. JH tried their "Maryland Maki" which had crabmeat in it, but clearly it was imitation crabmeat so avoid that. You're better off sticking with their other rolls such as tuna, salmon, and shrimp. I highly recommend getting the red snapper, especially if you're not hugely into sushi. I found that eating the snapper was like eating a tender piece of beef, and JH agreed with me.

The best value is the Sushi and Sashimi combo (sushi, sashimi, and spicy tuna rolls) because you do get a variety of both for a good price, it is chefs choice, but it's definitely a good way to try out a variety of items. I never would have found out about the red snapper otherwise.

Saturday I was on my own for the morning while Joe was at work. I had breakfast at the City Cafe before I walked down to the inner harbor. I stopped into the local sports store and picked up an Orioles visor to wear. I'll be honest, I like baseball caps, but on hot days they don't vent fast enough to keep me cool, so I end up taking them off while I'm outside. A visor is a better compromise for me. I wandered around the inner harbor and got a few pictures. I also ended up stopping by the van that was selling Perfect Cupcakes and picked up a yellow cake cupcake with dark chocolate frosting. It was very good, the perfect balance of frosting and cupcake, and the cake itself was dense and moist, the way I like it. JH, for future reference the van was sitting at the inner harbor over by Pier 5, so you could stop by after making a round ;-)

I headed back up to the hotel and laid down for a nap before JH got back in. We had a late lunch and headed down to watch the Baltimore Pride parade, in all of it's 4 block glory. I didn't mind it though, we were having a good time. I was in my Nasty Pig vest and shorts, and he was in his harness, which definitely made us stand out from the usual crowd.

Right after the parade was the block party, which was my first one in Baltimore, and it was a total blast. I am so doing this again. Basically we walked around chatting with various people throughout the evening. JH and I did shots from an ice luge, and then one of the girls from the booth so liked his nipples that she ran up and did a chest bump, complete with a jump into his arms. I have photographic evidence that will soon be developed and posted ;-)

The fun thing about being at Baltimore was that people were actually coming up to talk to us while in our fetish gear. That wouldn't have happened in DC (MAL excluded). JH said that "We felt like celebrities" which is pretty much the truth. A number of people wanted pictures with us and we were getting compliments all around. Is it any wonder why I like Baltimore better than DC at times? I'll have to see if a picture of us ends up in any of the newspapers this week.

Eventually we ran into one of my friends and proceeded to get cheap strong drinks at a local bar, which was good because the drinks that the vendors were selling at pride were weak. Then it was back to the party site and socializing with more folks. If we had not been worn out we probably would have hit up Baltimore Eagle as well.

Sunday I went to the festival while JH was at work. The festival was alright, pretty standard for Baltimore. JH said to me that a lot of lesbians go to the festival, and he's right about that, there were a lot of lesbians there, along with their vendors. I stayed for about 2 hrs before taking off for Greenbelt.

Later on that night I met JH for dinner, which he surprised me with going out for steamed crabs. Hint to mom, come visit at some point and we'll take you out for fresh steamed crabs.

So that wrapped up yet another great weekend with JH. I am so visiting Baltimore Pride again next year.


  1. I can't believe you bought food out of a van in downtown Baltimore. What will your mother think about this?

  2. But it was a cupcake! I'd totally buy one again.