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June 01, 2008

Wow What A Night

Last night ended up being a total blast.

"Little" JH's (Yes, it's another JH, so since he's the little bro, he'll be known as Little JH) party got going in the afternoon, with various family and friends dropping in to visit. I swear it reminds me of when I visit Connecticut and everyone is having dinner at my grandmother's house. There's about 20 different conversations going on that one is trying to keep track of, and lots of noise, laughter, and other stuff going on. I have to admit it does make for great people watching.

There was also a game of "corn hole" (I think they'll be changing that name) going on. How this game works is that there's two inclined boards placed par apart, and at the top is a hole cut into the board. It's two teams, each take turns throwing beanbags at the boards. If you get one on the board, it's 1 point, if you get it into the hole, it's 2 points. At the end of each round if you and your opponent both have beanbags that scored points, the points cancel each other out. So if I get 3 bags on the board and my opponent gets 2 on the board, I only get one point and they get zero points. The strategy is to knock your opponent's beanbags off the board so that you gain more points, along with aiming for the hole. Considering that it was my very first time playing, I didn't do too badly.

Eventually JH and I took off for his HS reunion. He had some reservations about going because he had not seen any of these people for a decade, plus he had not always felt accepted by many of them, so it made him feel a bit nervous. However, a lot of those fears would be put to rest. I met a number of the friends he had in HS, including ex-girlfriends, and they were totally cool with me. I absolutely loved his friends Ju and Je. Ju is a total anime geek, and she certainly is not as innocent as she once was in HS ;-). Je was just plain fun, including for dancing. The nice thing was that JH was able to actually introduce me as his boyfriend to most people and they were cool with it.

So we ended up there until the party ended around 10 PM, then it was back to Little JH's party to meet a number of new people who were there, shoot some pool, and just have a good time. I think JH and I crashed out around 2:30 this morning.

Fun times were to be had by all, even if the Orioles lost last night...dammit. At least the Diamondbacks spanked the Nats.

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