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July 31, 2008


I will freely admit here that if you have not already noticed while loading this blog, I use Google Analytics to keep stats about who is coming to visit and what is being looked at. I was reading through one of the reports tonight and I couldn't figure out where one of the sources was coming from, since they were another blog, but there was no mention or link on their blog to my blog.

Google could do a bit of a better job of capturing what page a visitor is coming from because it turns out that this blogger subscribes to an RSS feed of one of my blogger friends, and it's likely that he clicked on a link from my friend and it took him to my blog. However, all I had was the main site name so it did cause some confusion.

Also while we're on the subject of bizzare stuff, I can't believe an entry I wrote in April is still generating hits and the occasional comment. Okay, maybe it doesn't hurt that if you Google "Taylor Swift homophobe", "swift homophobic", or other similar terms, my blog is the first thing that comes up. However, considering how long ago the song came out, and that it was changed for radio play, I'm surprised that it still gets Googled at least once a month.

The comments are what crack me up a bit because some people don't quite get it. So it becomes a matter of "Do I answer these folks and explain and maybe they'll understand" or "Why bother, they aren't going to listen." Hard to say, but considering these were also anonymous comments, I doubt they're going to come back to check up to see if I responded.

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