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July 31, 2008

Faux Nightclub

Last Friday I went to Pasadena to hang out with JH. I got there a bit late and since JH had to work in the morning, we decided to skip our original plan of going to the Baltimore Eagle. His parents were out at one of the local places, except they were getting ready to leave because they were booted off of the patio. So we made a plan to all meet at Bamboo Bernies, which was down the road.

JH and I get there, and the immediate thing that happens is that I am refused entry. Why? Because I'm wearing my Baltimore Ravens (Ed Reed) jersey and they have a dress code that says "No sports jerseys" among other things. JH is refused because they say his shorts are "too loose." So fine, we go home and we change and go back, where once again we are refused entry. This time it's because JH is wearing camouflage shorts. When we asked why, all the bouncer would say to us is "We're a nightclub." So that made the both of us say "fuck this place" and head out of there.

In my years of going to clubs and bars in DC, MD, TX, and NM, I have never had to directly deal with a club that has had draconian rules like that on what you can and can't wear. The closest I have seen anything like it would be at a nightclub in the Adams Morgan area. However, this "club" is in a small town in Maryland that is not known for having a problem with violence. To go further with it, JH's bro thinks the bouncer had something against the two of us because he saw some dyke in there with a Yankees jersey on, and apparently there were underage girls in there as well, even though there was supposed to be an ID check at the door to keep under 21 folks out. JH thinks that the bouncer kept us out because we were homos, and I hate to say it, but he might be right on that one.

Perhaps a call to the ABC folks in Maryland is in order against this place if they're allowing underage folks in there. In the meantime, we won't be going back to Bamboo Bernies, especially if they're going to selectively enforce their rules.

So JH got the idea to hit a local liquor store and buy the cheapest beer possible, just because we were considered to be too trashy to walk into a bar in the middle of redneck central. I will have to say that if you want cheap beer in MD, go with National Bohemian (Natty Boh) in bottles. This is crucial because while the Boh is a cheap beer, it isn't nasty tasting if you get it from a bottle instead of a can.

So that's how we got to spend our Friday night.

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