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September 28, 2008

Random Stuff

I think I am going to have to give up ice cream, the last few times I have eaten it, I've ended up with a not so good feeling in the stomach. Now that I think about it, it has been with Breyers "All Natural" ice cream. Perhaps I need to try another brand and see if I have the same reaction. I should also see if other dairy has the same effects.

I went out to Cobalt Friday night before heading to a friends house to watch the debate. Brian and I have had many a discussion in the past about the bear happy hour. As much as the bears bitch about the fact that the "typical" gay is very cliquish, they can be just as bad. Most of the guys that walk in on Friday night tend to come in as couples or as groups, and many of them are familiar with one another. If you ever watch, you'll see they tend to form their groups and hang out in their one spot, not moving much except to get another drink, or perhaps move along to join another group. It can be a bit fascinating for a people watcher.

However, when you're there by yourself, it can feel rather intimidating to be there. It has occurred to me that I have become a bit shy about meeting people when I am out and about. Perhaps I am getting a vibe while there that people are not approachable, or perhaps I am just not reading people correctly. Hell, it could even be the setting I am in, being in a bar and all. I really can't make excuses though, I recognize that I have become shy, and that is not like me. It is something I need to work on, and only I can fix it. However, it will do me no good to go to the other extreme and become too friendly, because that will lead to trouble.

Its a matter of re-learning how to read people, and also to learn limits again. I tend to shy away because I am trying to be polite, and perhaps I am being too polite.

However, I also can't bitch, the people that I do know and call my friend, they're people worth calling a friend.

I will do this, I will get over this.

Clearly "Christmas Creep" is starting to affect people in more ways than just seeing stuff at an inappropriate time, there are folks who have asked about what I am doing for Christmas. Hell, to be honest, I have no idea right now, nor am I thinking about it. If I was going to consider anything at the moment, it might be to hang with a friend since he mentioned the other night that this will be his first Christmas he is not going home, which is also very odd for him because his birthday is on Christmas Eve. Either way, I will cross that bridge when it gets here.

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